The truth and past collide in BROKEN ECHO, a young adult science fiction novel available July 15, 2019.

Jake Forester is going to die in the Porsche. His parents have watched it happen three times. They’ve traveled back in time to save him but each attempt to reverse their son’s fate is a reminder that echoes can’t be broken.  

Australian foreign exchange student Shay Conrad is placed in the Forester’s home and quickly realizes that something isn’t right. Despite her suspicions, Shay thrives in the Arizona desert and embraces belonging to a family and the thrill of falling in love.

But Shay learns the truth through a pair of mysterious glasses that allow her to experience the Forester’s time travels, firsthand. Through the lenses, Shay discovers a way to save Jake but she must decide if she’s willing to risk the future in order to change the past.

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